October 15, 2013

An Introduction to Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness How often do you find yourself reading a whole page only to find you have taken nothing in? Or sending an email then wondering what you had written or if you had sent it to the right people? Ever realised you have already eaten your lunch as you take your last bite? If so, chances are that you could be: a)      functioning on ‘auto-pilot mode’, b)      not consciously paying attention to your experience as it happens, and c)      missing out on fully living your life in the here and now The good news is that mindfulness may be able to help you. What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a way of using your attention. It involves being awake to your experience by focusing your attention purposefully […]
October 9, 2013
Managing Child Misbehaviour

10 Parenting Tips for Managing Child Misbehaviour

All children have times where they will have behavioural or emotional outbursts. This can be triggered by things such as change (in family dynamics, routine, friendships), stress in the family or school environment, illness, and the parents own emotions and behaviour.

September 30, 2013

Domestic Violence and Support

Intimate partner violence, which is also referred to as family or domestic violence is a common but often silent problem, affecting almost 25% of Australian women and a smaller percentage of men. Intimate partner violence may involve a wide range of behaviours, including: Physical abuse — including direct assaults on the body (e.g. hitting, kicking, choking), use of weapons, driving dangerously, destruction of property, assault of children, locking the victim out of the house, and sleep deprivation; Sexual abuse — any form of forced sex or sexual degradation, such as sexual activity without consent, causing pain during sex, assaulting genitals, coercive sex without protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, making the victim perform sexual acts unwillingly, criticising, or using sexually degrading insults; Verbal abuse — […]
September 25, 2013

Is facebook making you depressed?!

Facebook and Depression The phenomenon of Social Media has taken off in recent years, with Facebook being the most popular social networking site. According to Facebook Inc’s latest statistics, 1.15 billion users access the site each month, with this figure steadily rising each year! While Facebook is a great tool for staying connected with social and professional networks, it has also been associated with distressing psychological and emotional states such as jealousy, social tension, isolation, poor self-esteem and depression. Several studies have found that frequent Facebook use may contribute to or amplify depression. What are the signs and symptoms of depression ?   Behaviours not going out anymore not getting things done at work/school withdrawing from close family and friends relying on alcohol and sedatives not […]
August 28, 2013

What is a Panic Attack?

About 1 in 4 people will experience a panic attack at some stage in their life. Panic attacks are characterised by abrupt surges of intense fear and anxiety, that peak within a short time, and cause distressing physical symptoms. Often because the first attack occurs unexpectedly without an obvious trigger, the attack is interpreted as ‘something must be seriously wrong with me’, either physically, or mentally, increasing the anxiety and panic. And because the first attack is so scary, people become afraid of having another attack, the fear of fear develops and Panic Disorder takes hold of you. The good news is there are effective psychological treatments for Panic Disorder.   This will be useful if… you have had or think you might suffer with panic attacks […]



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