Self-Harm & Suicide

July 31, 2019
self-harm causes and treatment

Self-Harm Causes and Treatment

Self-Harm Causes and Treatment If you have found your way to this blog, you or someone you love may be harming themselves. This information may help you understand why someone self-harms and what you can do to support them.   What is Self-Harm? Self-harm is a term used to describe a person that deliberately hurts their bodies. Common types of self-harm include cutting, burning, picking at wounds or scars, self-injurious behaviours such as head banging, or deliberately overdosing on medication, drugs, alcohol and other substances that can cause harm.   What are the statistics on self-harm and who is likely to do it?  About 10% of teenagers reported they have self-harmed at some point in their lives. Self-harm behaviour is more common among teenagers than adults […]



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