Fees & Referrals

As approved providers of many psychology initiatives, we are proud to offer psychology services affordable to all community members

The fees associated with visiting a CBT Professionals’ psychologist depends on several factors:

  • If you see a Clinical Psychologist or a Registered Psychologist

  • If you hold a Centrelink benefit card or not

  • What scheme you have been referred under OR if you are coming privately

  • If you are wanting to attend our clinic OR a Skype consultation

psychologist fees

Our Current Fee Schedule

Clinical Psychologist Fees - In Rooms or Telehealth

50-Minute ConsultFee
Up-Front Fee$214.00
Medicare Rebate$128.40
Out-of-Pocket Cost$84.05
Cancellation Fee* within 36 Hours 

Generalist Psychologist Fees - In Rooms or Telehealth

50-Minute ConsultFee
Up-Front Fee$171.50
Medicare Rebate$87.45
Out-of-Pocket Cost$84.05
Cancellation Fee* within 36 Hours 

Relationship Counsellor Fees

50-Minute appointment (no rebates apply)

Dietitian Fees

50 minute initial consultation$168.00
Medicare rebate $54.60
30 minute review consultation$96.00
Medicare rebate $54.60

Group Session

90-Minute Group SessionFee
Up-Front Fee$67.00
Medicare Rebate$22.35 to $32.60
Out-of-Pocket Cost$34.40 to $44.65
Cancellation Fee* within 36 Hours$100

Forensic Psychology Fees

Forensic Psychology Services
Parenting Capacity AssessmentPOA
Family AssessmentsPOA
Pre-Sentencing ReportPOA
Psych Assessment and Report$1600
Court Attendance$357/hour

*Cancellation Policy:

If your appointment is cancelled within 36 hours of your scheduled appointment, we will do our best to replace your appointment. However, if we are unable to replace your appointment, a $100 fee will be charged to you. This fee will need to be paid directly by you and can not be passed on to Medicare or any other third party.

Psychological Assessment Fees

Out-of-pocket expenses may be reduced to between $300 and $1000 where rebates apply



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