Depression Help Brisbane

Our Brisbane clinic has had several enquiries about receiving help with managing depression. Depression is a complex mental health condition that effects a person’s mood. Firstly, it can leave them feeling hopeless and sad. Depression can make you feel down most days and lose pleasure in activities you previously enjoyed. Further, you can sleep too little or too much. It can cause you to start having intrusive thoughts of death of suicide. Managing depression is difficult and varies between individuals. If you feel down most days for a period of two weeks, this may be a sign to seek help from a mental health professional. But we are here if you require help!



Our Brisbane psychologists are highly trained, motivated and can help you work towards managing your depression. We can assist with mood disorders, adjustment disorders and grief and loss. We are a professional caring practice, tailoring treatment to your needs.

Further, we also have other blogs you can read and understand a bit more of how you are feeling. Click here or here for more!

If your mental health is requiring urgent care, please reach out to organisations like Beyond Blue or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.



If you are wanting support and management of depression, please download our referral form here and take it with you to your GP appointment for preparation of a referral.

You can also call 07 3102 1366 with any enquires into availability or booking appointments!

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