10 Tips for Parent Survival during Holidays

Tips for Parent Survival during school holidays

It’s that time of the year when school holidays sneak up on us and leave us wondering how to entertain our children all day. We want to create a calm but stimulating environment for our children. Having a break from usual routine can be fun! However, it can be stressful and chaotic at first, and without plans. Whether you stay home or organise care for your children, you can follow these 10 Tips for Parent Survival during school holidays.

10 Tips for Parent Survival During School Holidays


  1. Engage children with activities they wish to do

Sometimes children want to go to the beach and do fun activities, but sometimes they just want to relax. Different children will have different ideas of what ‘fun’ looks like during the holidays. So, ask! Then engage in the activity they want to (in reason of course).

  1. Get outdoors

Go for walks, have a picnic, attend local art galleries, check out local what’s on pages. Organisations and businesses put on great events for kid’s holidays. Especially with Easter around the corner, plenty of Easter egg hunts and crafts are hosted by Brisbane Council. 

  1. Exercise with your kids in toe – benefits of being outdoors and away from screens.

It is hard to find a happy medium when it comes to technology. It isn’t all bad! Kids can enjoy screen time as a treat for hard work during the school term. However, this time with your children is precious and schooling will only get more stressful! Go to your local park and play red rover, 44 home or another one of the classics we got to enjoy.

  1. Breath! Do mindfulness activities with the kids such as “Smiling Mind”

A change in routine can mean stress and anxiety for children. They can be sad they aren’t seeing their school friends and tired from a change in sleep habits. Practicing mindfulness activities such as Smiling Mind can help acknowledge how they are feeling and help them adjust to the period in their life.

  1. Share the load

Who loves to spoil your children any chance they get? Grandma! Elicit the support from grandparents. We could still need to work so grandparents are a great chance to complete things we need to do, as the kids have fun.

  1. Have a parenting time out

It can get stressful as a parent with kids home. The more kids, the more stress. Your routines are thrown off as well. If enlisting grandparents isn’t an option for you, try asking friends or enlisting the help of a babysitter. A night or day off for you, is also a day or night off for them! So don’t feel quality about having a break and grabbing a drink as a treat.

  1. Engage in activities at home

The impact of COVID and weather events have impacted the ability and the want to travel. If you are staying at home, there are plenty of activities to have a great time. Baking is an activity everyone can help and participate in. From making the treat, to decorating it. Kids can have their own art project – that they can eat! If you don’t want a potential mess, building a fort or playing hide and seek are easy ways to still have fun.

  1. Divide and conquer siblings – if sibling rivalry is an issue

Like engaging in your children’s favourite activities, asking each child what they would like to do is necessary. Allowing the siblings to spend time apart will be better for them and you! Organise a playdate for your son to go kick the footy with friends or your partner and go to a movie with your daughter.

  1. Food Planning

Kids appetites can increase into the holidays. Treats are always a necessity. But get the kids involved! Grocery shop trips where the kids can have a say in what you buy will make it easier for everyone. No point cooking and buying things they will turn their nose up to.

  1. Plan fun days out and playdates!

Get your children to write a wish list of what they want to do and who they want to see. There may not be that much time in a day. But, if one child wants to go to Dreamworld go one day. And if one wants to sit and watch TV with a bag of popcorn, do that the next!


Overall, the school holidays can be a testing time for any parent or carer. Thinking of something to do everyday can be difficult. But remember, the holidays allow your family to spend time together without the stressors of school. Enjoy them! Have fun! Use these Tips for Parent Survival during Holidays!


If you find your children are not responding to these tips and holidays are impacting their mental health, please download our referral form here and take it with you to your GP appointment for preparation of a referral.

You can also call 07 3102 1366 with any enquires into availability or booking appointments!

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