How to deal with holiday stress

How do I deal with holiday stress?! The holidays can be joyous and a very relaxing time with good food, gifts and family reunions. However, it can also be that time that we can experience the most stress! Preparing that good food takes careful preparation and time, holiday shopping can be an overwhelming and expensive exercise – and let’s face it, not everyone enjoys a big family reunion! It can be challenging to stay present, joyful and grounded with gift sourcing, wrapping, house cleaning, meal planning and preparation, and family getting together on the brain!?

We can use some practical tips to can help minimise the stress that can come along with the holiday period. Research shows that genuine happiness comes from the inside so let’s use these tips to help enjoy the holidays among the chaos and learn how to deal with the holiday stress!



  • Maintain healthy habits (but allow yourself to enjoy!)

Holidays are notorious for ruining healthy habits! Try to go for a short walk each day to help decision-making and digestion. Encourage your family to take part in a fun activity on Christmas day. Even though we want to stay on track, the holidays is a period to enjoy! Allow yourself to indulge a little!

  • Plan ahead

During the busy season, some plans will end up clashing! Make sure you use a journal or calendar to plan ahead, or write down each of your plans to keep track!

  • Take a break

Don’t forget to take some time for yourself – your health comes first. Sneak in a short walk, read a book or watch one of your favourite movies – a comedy flick may be just the treat! Research shows that laughter can relax the whole body, relieving physical stress.

  • Practice Gratitude

Be present in the moment and endeavour to appreciate the holiday period in all its glorious chaos! This can be challenging when stress levels are high, however reflecting on the blessings in your life can really help! Express your appreciation to your loved ones and friends when you are with them. Practicing gratitude can help you savour each moment!

  • Have fun!

Happiness is contagious! Try to remember how it felt to be a kid during the holiday time! If you can stay connected to this feeling and connect to your own happiness, the better chance you have of awakening your joy and the joy of people around you! If your childhood Christmas memories weren’t the happiest of times, try and bring yourself to any happy memory and focus on those feelings of joy and happiness.



How do I deal with the holiday stress? Prioritising yourself during this holiday time, is important to have a fun enjoyable time with family and friends. If you are struggling over this holiday period, there is support available! ach out for some guidance and treatment. At CBT Professionals, we can help you lead a stress free life into 2023!

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