How Parents Can Reduce Bullying

How parents can reduce bullying

As a parent you have two ways of reducing bullying.

One is to encourage your child not to bully others.

The other is to help your child deal with bullying effectively.

Both of these actions lead to a positive outcome for your child. You want your child to be respected by their peers and elders (not feared or seen as aggressive). This leads to positive long term outcomes for your child. You also want your child to be strong and determined enough to stand up for their rights and the rights of others.

A child psychologist can help your child modify their thinking and behaviour to reduce the impact of bullying, and to become more assertive and confident. Parents also play an important role in helping their child with bullying. It may also be beneficial for you to talk to a child psychologist to see how you can help your child to become more assertive.

If you think speakign to a child psychologist may be of benefit to you and your child, please download our Referral Fact Sheet here and take it with you to your long consultation with your GP.

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