5 Stress-Buster Tips for Teens

It is well known that we all experience stress from time to time and across our lives. We all experience stress in many different ways. For instance, some like to scream, or get angry and punch the wall but this doesn’t solve much. It can also cause more stress. However, other ways that we can deal with stress includes talking to a friend or family member whom we trust. The following steps below are also ways you can deal with stress and get on the road to feeling better:

1. Seek out support when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed an important step is to reach out to those who care about you. This can include a friend, family member, trusted adult, school counselor, psychologist, doctor, coach, work colleague etc. For example, talking to a friend when you have a test might be useful because they too may be experiencing stress about the same test.

2. Don’t let the “stress gauge” blow and allow your feelings to go wild and lose control. A simple and effective technique is to notice, name and observe your feelings. Our feelings can inform us about what is going on. For example, “I am angry because I am unable to go out tonight!” However, the next important step is to (a) find a way to calm down and (b) find a way to express them. This can include using the following techniques: doing the opposite to how you are feeling, distracting yourself, deep-breathing exercises, listening to music, exercising, or any other safe activity that can help shift your mood.

3. Try not to personalise how you are feeling because this can contribute to you feeling sad, down or upset. It is really important to remember that we can all feel stressed from time to time and there are always people to help you in times of need. Be kind to yourself and remember to ask for the help you deserve.

4. Try to solve the problem once you have calmed down enough to think clearly. This is when it is time to get down to business. First you need to figure out what the problem is like a detective, what the possible solutions are and all the possible consequences for each decision. ‘

5. Be positive, stress is transient in most cases stress will come and go like all emotions. When we feel very stressed it may seem like it will last forever, but it is like all emotions, they come and go. Using the steps above can help guide you in stressful situations.

I hope you find these five steps helpful. Remember, sometimes we have to go through these steps once or twice before we notice a decrease in our experiences of stress. Stay positive.

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Blog written by CBT Professionals Clinical Psychologist on the Gold Coast, Tim McIntyre. CBT Professionals are a team of clinical psychologists on the Gold Coast with offices in Coomera and Nerang. Gold Coast CBT psychologists offer services to adults, children, and couples. Please call and make an appointment on 56 683 490.

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