Child Behaviour Problems

At CBT Professionals we are well aware of the impact that child behavioural difficulties can have on families. Whether the problem be mild or more severe, we have a dedicated team of psychologists that specialise in child behavioural disorders, which can assist families in coping more effectively. We offer both individualised treatment, along with small parenting groups to target the management of your child’s behavioural problems.

How we can help your family

Our psychologists are trained in the use of evidence-based and proven strategies to assist parents with managing problem behaviours. The strategies we provide all promote a positive approach to managing difficult behaviours and tantrums in children. We work both one-on-one with parents, as well as working with your child, to help you understand the causes of your child’s behaviours and in effect help your family to get along better.

Why choose CBT Professionals?

All of our practitioners are selected based on a uniting set of values that define us as a truly caring practice. We stand against the practice of generic treatments and know that every case is unique and needs our best care and attention to craft a treatment approach specific to your situation. You can be assured that working with one of our experienced child psychologists, you will receive a tailored treatment plan especially for your family.

What will it cost me?

Early intervention is always the best approach with child behaviour problems, as left untreated, this can develop into more serious conduct disorders and begin impacting upon other areas of child development such as academics and social skills.

CBT Professionals charge a modest fee for service and we are aware that families in need shouldn’t have the added pressure of services that they can’t afford. To find out more about our fee structure you can look at our Fees page of our website linked here.

How does it work?

Your unique treatment plan is likely to be one involving a number of sessions with you as the parents and may also include your child. As there can be a range of contributing factors to difficult child behaviours, it is expected that treatment will require a number of sessions, as unfortunately there is no magic wand solution!
After the first few sessions, we can then better understand some of the underlying issues which may be contributing to the child’s behaviour, which can include: environmental factors, child temperament, parental attitudes & expectations, anxiety, traumatic events, and social problems. For this reason, treating child behaviour problems typically involves providing support to the individual, family, and sometimes the child’s school or other care providers.

We encourage parents to work on one behaviour at a time, and monitor the changes in this behaviour in between sessions. Generally after a few sessions of targeted intervention which is consistently applied at home, you will start to see improvements in behaviour and reduced frequency of tantrums.


Other families we have helped: A case study

You might be interested in the following example of a family we have helped with these problems.

Case Study – The Smiths

When the Smiths are separated parents who came to our clinic as they were struggling with a number of difficult behaviours from their 6 year old child. They had noticed that their son was easily upset and angered, was having frequent tantrums, and had become verbally and physically aggressive at times. This was also starting to impact on his classroom behaviour and friendships at school. The Smiths had tried time-out, star charts, and other strategies they had heard about, but nothing seemed to be working for their son, and the time-out had actually made his behaviours worse.

After a few sessions, and after assessing their current strategies, we were able to identify that changes in the family environment, using conflicting approaches to his behaviour between the parents, and problems at school were contributing to their son’s problems.

Over the next few months, our psychologist worked with the parents by tailoring and fine-tuning consistent approaches to managing difficult behaviours, and to help them to understand the causes of their son’s behaviours. A part of the sessions also worked individually with their son, to help to teach him about his emotions and appropriate strategies to help calm himself. The Smith’s were also educated on these strategies, so they could help their son at their individual homes.
Over time, the frequency of tantrums began to decrease, and the parents noted that they were having more positive interactions with their son. By the end of our sessions, they felt as though they had “their old child back” and were confident in managing the “normal” range of behaviours at home.

How to get started

To get started, please book your private consultation with our caring practice administration staff. Just phone 56 683 490 or email us using the form on our “contact us” page linked here.