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anxiety treatment gold coast

Anxiety Treatment Gold Coast

Anxiety can be a normal emotional response under times when we feel stressed or worried by life’s pressures such as work deadlines, sitting exams, or speaking in front of people. However, for some people these anxious feelings can be more frequent, happen for no apparent reason, and really start to have a disabling effect on day-to-day life. One in four Australians suffer with an “Anxiety Disorder” making anxiety the most common mental health disorder.

The good news is that there are very effective, evidenced-based treatments for anxiety disorders. Our Gold Coast Psychologists offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapies for the treatment of anxiety disorders. This involves completing a thorough assessment of your anxiety to understand your triggers and fears and what maintains them. Next we teach you a number of behavioural and cognitive strategies to deal with your fears more effectively. The final step is supporting you to face and overocme your fears with the help of your anxiety disorders therapist.

Symptoms of Anxiety

General signs and symptoms of anxiety include:
* feeling very worried or anxious all of the time
* finding it difficult to relax or stay calm
* experiencing intense episodes of anxiety such as a panic attack
* avoiding situations that trigger an anxious response
* experiencing nightmares or flashbacks after a traumatic event
* noticing your heart racing, face flushing, palms sweating

If you have had these symptoms for two weeks or more, you may benefit from consulting with a psychologist to help in treating your anxiety.

Anxiety Disorders Treated

Our Gold Coast psychologists and therapists have experience in treating the following anxiety disorders:

  1. PTSD/Trauma
  2. Social Anxiety
  3. Panic Disorder
  4. Stress and Worry (GAD)
  5. Phobias
  6. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Anxiety Disorders Therapists

We have a team of psychologists and mental health social workers who are experienced in treating anxiety disorders.  To find the best psychologist for you, please search our team here. 


How to Get Started

To start your anxiety treatment,

  1. If you wish to receive a rebate for your service, please book an appointement with your GP to discuss possible referrals for anxiety.
  2. Ring and book an appointment with one of our Gold Coast psychologists working with anxiety disorders.


3. To get started, ring and book an appointment today. No referral necessary.

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