Matthew Johnston

Bsc(Hons, 1st)Psych, MSc(Dist)Psych, PGDipPsychPractice

Originally from New Zealand, Matthew is experienced with child, teenage, and adult populations. His expertise focuses on supporting those with thoughts, feelings and behaviours which are impacting quality of life, quality of relationships with self, quality of relationships with others, capacity to function, capacity to learn and/or concerns about safety.

Matthew works by supporting clients with behavioural, solution-focused, metacognitive, narrative and values-based approaches to therapy; by aiming to identify and increase capacity and manage, or, reduce symptoms as a result.

Matthew’s professional interest includes supporting clients to find purpose and meaning within their lives and responsibilities. It’s Matthew’s belief that every individual has needs specific to themselves, and that a goal of therapy is to grow the relationship between that individual, and their interaction with the world around them.

Outside of work, Matthew has conducted research in fields relevant to: social media, self-control, self-esteem, anxiety, and antisocial behaviour.