Marriage Counselling Brisbane

Brisbane psychologists providing marital and relationship counselling.

Marriage Counselling Brisbane


Marriage Counselling Services Brisbane

We have a number of Brisbane psychologists offering couples counselling to improve your relationship. If you and your partner are experiencing conflict, communication breakdown, emotional distance, or attachment traumas such as betrayal and infidelity, our marriage counsellors can help.

Our Brisbane team of therapists offer evidence-based couples therapy including Gottman’s Marital Therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples. Marriage counselling involves taking a thorough relationship history to understand how you and your partner have gotten to the place you are in. Your marriage counsellor will then devise an intervention plan based on the goals you and your partner set for your relationship.

Marriage counselling may include learning to listen, understand and validate your partner, learn new cycles of communication that promotes connection rather than distance, and how to meet your partner’s attachment needs. In the cases of betrayal and infidelity, marital therapy will involve an attachment injury repair model that will help you both heal and overcome your relationship trauma.


Marital Therapies in Brisbane

  • Communication training
  • Relationship enhancement skills
  • Interactional cycle awareness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Intimacy enhancement
  • Betrayal and infidelity recovery
  • Sexual disorders


Marital Therapist Brisbane

Our Brisbane marriage counsellors are trained in evidence-based marital counselling treatments.  CLICK HERE to see our Marriage Counselling treatment team.

Relationship Counsellor Brisbane


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