BA(Psych), MEd(ChFaPsych), PGDip(ChFaPsych)

Letasha is employed at our clinic as a Senior Child Psychologist. In 2006, Letasha completed her Masters in Child and Family Psychology at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Since then, Tash has worked in both private and public sectors in Australia and New Zealand. Tash is a mother and step mother of four children.

During her 10 years psychology practice, Tash has developed an expertise in working with children and adolescents. She tailors her assessments and interventions specifically for children and young people in ways that they can understand and connect with. Tash works to support children and adolescents with a range of difficulties including behavioural issues such as non-compliance, aggression, and verbal abuse; self-esteem issues, grief and loss, relationship problems, trauma, domestic violence, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, sleep and toileting issues.

“Every child’s behaviour is a communication – the goal of a Psychologist is to understand what their behaviour means. Children are incredibly resilient and are capable of extraordinary things. They see the world in a flexible and unique way. An effective Psychologist helps parents to understand their child’s needs, and provides both the child and their loved ones with the strategies to manage life more effectively. A child is part of a family, a school, and a community, therefore, interventions will almost always involve working with parents and sometimes other important adults in their world [i.e., teachers].”

Letasha uses interventions that are well-supported by research, and have an evidence base for being effective treatment interventions for children. For example, Letasha uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and is a Triple P Parenting Programme provider. Letasha believes that parents are the experts of their own children, that she brings the expertise in Psychology and together, we can develop a team approach to understand your child. Her goal and greatest reward is seeing children and their families functioning well again.